1. Number of Inspectors. If the WV or PA Department of Environmental Protection does not have sufficient inspectors or resources to adequately review a specific gas well permit application or inspect its construction in a timely manner, including cementing, the permit should not be approved until such time as the necessary inspections can be performed.

2.  Enforcement of Existing Laws. The US Environmental Protection Agency has issued Citations to Marcellus shale drilling companies as a result of inspections of operations in and near the waterways in our region. One Citation was issued on October 5, 2010, five on November 2, 2010, one on January 11, 2011, and three on January 26, 2011. The Compact urges all agencies of state and federal government to actively pursue the full protection of our surface and ground waters, our land and air as well as our infrastructure of roads and utilities and to report these activities in the public domain.

3. Urgent Call for Legislation. The WV/PA Monongahela Area Watersheds Compact calls upon the Governors of West Virginia and Pennsylvania and the State Legislatures to enact into law protection for our streams, for public and private lands, and for the atmosphere as a result of the continued expansion of coal mining, oil and gas drilling, pipeline construction, and related activities. This is an urgent call given the incredible growth in the extractive industries that is now taking place.

4. Progress on Dunkard Creek. The WV/PA Monongahela Area Watersheds Compact calls upon the WV-Department of Environmental Protection, the PA-Department of Environmental Protection, and the US Environmental Protection Agency to continue aggressive programs to clean up Dunkard Creek, on the border between our two states, and to monitor and protect it from future degradation. Any proposed changes to the current requirements for the protection of Dunkard Creek should be set for public review and input before implementation.

NOTE:  Six public meetings have now been organized and conducted in Morgantown by representatives of various watershed and conservation groups in cooperation with the Upper Monongahela River Association.  Contacts:  Barry G. Pallay, Co-Chair (bpallay@comcast.net) or Duane G. Nichols, Co-Chair (duane330@aol.com), 330 Dream Catcher Circle, Morgantown, WV 26508.  Telephone: 304-216-5535.